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May 21, 2011

a remorseful-ish apology + the recents

Dear friends and readers,

I realize it’s been a long time since I last posted. Can we still be friends? Let me make it up to you. I have details… about myself. Well, that might have been a bit anti-climactic. I’m not the best at apologies. Usually they are accompanied with some type of baked good so that I can literally hand out an apologywhen needed, however, many of my readers are far far from me and I am, at present, unable to present such a treat. So, another apology. Now I’ll assume that if you accept my sorry-s, you’ll continue reading, and we shall never speak of this affair again!

Hear’th thou now what hath pass’ed recentlyth:

  1. The Goat hath been proclaimed a 2nd Liet. in the Air Forceth.
  2. The Goat and his lady hath had bestowed upon their own persons diplomas.
  3. That lady of said Goat hath beguneth the great work of cupcakery!
  4. That same Goat and his same lady are at present one half of one way through the great Kenneth Branagh’s bazillionith version of Hamlet and hark, it hath impacted’th their speech’th!

Obviously, more hath passed, but those are the big points. Oh, except for one small detail…

Yesterday was our 1 year anniversary!!!

As I now have the best job in the States (details following), I was working throughout the morning and afternoon. The Goat had errands himself to run whilst I was baking, icing, and selling cupcakes, so I was caught by complete surprise when my wonderful boss approached me with a vase full of beautiful petite roses. For. Me! Needless to say, he earned himself an Orange Brownie and a kiss on the cheek when he came in the shop a few hours later. Needlesser to say, the cupcakery now smells of sweet chocolaty-ness and buttercreams and slight rose undertones.

The date itself  began with (take notes, men-folk) the Goat picking me up from work, presenting me with a window marker, and then decorating our car with phrases like: “Just Married (1 year ago!)” and “Yay Marriage!”. We then proceeded to get all fancied up, eating an obscene amount of delicious food at Nonna’s, after which we came home, and I got my gift! A compliation of videos called “All the Creatures in the Forest.” In case you haven’t noticed, the Goat and I do so love critters and thus a video of the footage we took of various animals over the years was absolutely hilarious. Finally Spencer told me that our last activity was to… prepare yourselves… watch my favorite movie ever. That’s right. The Mummy.

See, when I was 17, I was dumped quite badly. On that Valentine’s day, my sister Bonnie gave me a bundle of silk daffodils with a note that says, “My heart rejoices knowing that you, Christa Belle, want Jesus to be first in your heart. Keep holding out for a hero- He will send you one in His time.” Just four years later, I was able to put half of those daffodils in my wedding bouquet. The other half (and the bouquet) both sit on my desk now. So readers, I just want to say, do the same. Hold out for a hero. One who watches your favorite movie with you even though he hates Brendan Fraiser, who sends you flowers just to make you feel pretty, and who even decorates the car to celebrate a single day.

Anyway, I guess that was a rant. I’ll just end my sappy anniversary post with this: details on my new job as an assistant baker will come soon, as well as a recipe and party details. But yesterday was our anniversary, and if you know me, you know I’m in love! Can’t you see?

In love... with him.