giveaway winners + the conversation

As there were only two entries into the Great Cookie Giveaway, I asked my husband to pick a number. One or Two.


“Just pick one, honey. Please.”

“Why? Why do I need to pick a number?”

“I’ll tell you once you pick.”


“Honey, please…”

“I need to know!”

This went on for a bit until Spencer finally said: 1. So, congrats Miss Beth! You’ve won a dozen cookies from the Blue Squirrel. And as Miss Erin made such a valiant effort, I think she’s earned an honorable mention, which comes with a dozen cookies as well!

Just contact me with the type of cookie you’d like, and the Blue Squirrel will ship them soon!

Cookie party details to come. For now, congrats to the winners and happy V-day to everyone!


4 Comments to “giveaway winners + the conversation”

  1. Cafe-Ready Chocolate Chip


  2. Congrats, Beth, and thanks for including me in your giveaway too 🙂
    I also favor the Cafe-Ready Chocolate Chip, and I think this just may be another occasion to get together for a double date. What say you? Have a little fun and save on postage?
    Thank you!

  3. I’m ready for another post!!!! One day I WILL make one of your recipes! (need to move first…… 🙂

  4. Christa, two months is much too long to deprive your readers from your life. Even if I am a new reader, as of this evening…I would like to make a petition for more Christa Grace Peterseness out on the web for public consumption!

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