giveaway + party

In the great tradition of true bloggers, like my friend Erin, I have decided to throw a cookie party.

“A cookie party?” ask the masses. Indeed! You simply take the two things girls love the most (cookies and friends) and put them together. And the result? A tasty evening full of conversation, and several dozen cookies to donate to a soup kitchen. Everyone wins. Especially me, because I have exceptional friends with exquisite taste in baked goodies.

As the hostess for this party, I chose to make 4 different types of cookies. Absurd? Perhaps. But will they all be gone by the time the clock strikes midnight? You bet your knickers.

In the hopes that there will be so many cookies left over after all the girls have had their fill, Spencer and I made up little baggies for girls to fill when they leave with the leftovers. Another copy from Miss Erin, we tried to come up with silly cookie themed phrases for the baggies. My favorites were “CookieBlanca”, a knock-off of Casablanca, and “Cookies are a girls best friend” (instead of diamonds). As we sat coming up with ideas, I thought that this would be a worthwhile theme for a giveaway.


Come up with your own cookie phrase that would look good on a baggie. Random or logical, it’s all valid! And you can’t use CookieBlanca! Post it as a comment and check back on Sunday night to see if you’ve won. I’ll be randomly selecting the winning phrase, and then picking one or two honorable mentions if they’re extra clever. The prize will be a dozen cookies, homemade by yours truly. You’ll get to choose the type as well: Perry’s Peanut Obsession, Cafe-Ready Chocolate Chip, Italian Wedding Cookies, or Homemade Oreos. If you live outside of Siloam, I’ll mail them to you, unless you are outside of the country. In which case, I’ll send you a mental high five.

Let the wit-dom begin!

Also, Sunday night, check back for info on how the cookie party went, as well as details on how to throw your own!


3 Comments to “giveaway + party”

  1. friends are the chocolate chips in the cookie of life {best when there are lots of em!}

  2. The Chocolate-Chip Redemption
    (The Shawshank Redemption)

  3. I had so much FUN 🙂 You’re a wonderful friend!

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