3:08 am and don’t tell my mom.

Dear World,

It is past 3 am. I should be in bed, toasty and asleep. Why is has this not come to pass, you ask? Why is the blue squirrel far from her den? Which, by the way, are squirrel homes called dens? Dens. I think that spelled right.
People, this is raw 3:11 am Christa right now. Raw. Rawrrr.

Most college people can do this, however, marriage has added twelve years to my life in that, since wedded bliss, I have the sleep patterns of an elderly sloth. Speaking/writing of sloths, here you go. May it bring light and laughter to your late nights as it has mine.

Anyway, I go to bed around 10 each night, and wake up when the sun does. Or a little later. I do my little P90X stuff, and proceed on with my day, always looking forward to slipping back into a scrumprulescent bed at the end.

Now, I’m up late doing homework! Like, like… like a college kid. Actually, I’m done with my homework and found myself with a strange desire to blog about this event. In the moment. Like I said: raw.

I wasn’t raised to be like this. My parents are hard workers. They stay focused on their jobs during normal people hours so they don’t have to bring it home. Time at home was always for the family. My mom would always warn me about the woes of procrastination. But to a chubby twelve year old, why learn how to work? Especially when you could spend your time eating a Little Debbie? Yum. Any Nutty Bar lovers out there?

So, here I am. I have completed my work and would like to issue a statement:

“People of the procrasti-nation. I, one of your own, recant my beliefs that a Little Debbie (metaphorical of course) is not worth it! Do your work, and then go to bed! My mom was right!”

But don’t let her know I said so.

This brings me to a question for any readers that might be out there. Do you have a similar virtue your parents often exercised, but somehow you still missed the point and practice? I’m curious.

Righto. Off to bed. Tedward, Burnie the Hand, and I are over and out.

(Peppy for 3:32 am, right? Yeah. We keep it real.)


4 Comments to “3:08 am and don’t tell my mom.”

  1. Did Tedward put you up to writing this blog? If so, I shall shake his hand, for this is a very funny post!

  2. oh my soul! That sloth is so Cuhraaazy!!
    My parents always made the rule “Don’t talk about money after 9:00” realizing, we can’t do anything about it at night. banks are closed. and that it could all wait until morning. It was annoying at some points, but now I’m learning that it translates to many things–discussing controversial/stressful things at night is just not normally very beneficial. So now–yes…I recommend getting money (etc) talk out of the way before you get into “night mode”. We’re all just more patient before then–and there’s more that can be done to change it! thanks parents.

  3. Ohhh Christa! That poor sloth! I don’t think you are like a sloth…ever. They are covered in bugs, and you, my friend, are not. I do love this post. Especially the part about Little Debbies. Haha 🙂

  4. “If ya don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. That one was a toughy for a teenager with a very critical eye. But, over the years, seeing the truth in the fact that “a harsh word stirs up anger but a gentle answer turns away wrath. – Proverb 15:1” has caused me to attempt applying this to my life. Recently I have been convicted of this again and want Ephesians 4:29 to guide the way I talk. “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is useful for building others up, that it may benefit those who listen.” It’s amazing that we can, not only, save ourselves from so much trouble but also reap blessings when we obey the truths of God’s Word, even if they may seem small (don’t be fooled…it’s the unassuming and seemingly insignificant commands often demand more energy than we may be prepared to put forth). They always said there would come days when we would look back and see ways that our parents were right. Here is one of those days and this is one of those ways.

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