About the Squirrel

I have great loves. I love my Savior, Spencer, France and baking. If I am engaging in any of those, I am happy as a squirrel in September. I want to impact the world of individuals by loving them well and in many cases giving them a break from their daily toils with a cookie, cupcake, or joke.

This blog is purposed to help me stay in contact with my current friends and family, as well as friends to come. Spencer, my husband, will soon commission into the Air Force as a Second Lieutenant and who knows where we’ll end up.
This is my story, through food and adventures.


2 Comments to “About the Squirrel”

  1. Now I have another good way to keep up with my very busy newlyweds! XO HT Mom

  2. Can you pweeze add an RSS feed?
    You should be able to do it within wordpress …


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